Why Trump Is 100 Correct In Ending DACA

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First lets understand a few basics DACA was enacted via a memo sent by then-Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano to three other agency heads on June 15 2012 as LawNewz notes The original memo is available here To clarify DACA was never the result of an executive order Rather it was a re-shuffling of immigration enforcement priorities classified as a memorandum which outlined the exercise of DHS’ prosecutorial discretion In other words DACA was simply an understanding between the federal government and a small class of undocumented immigrants who met certain qualifications that they were at the bottom of the list of people to be deported That understanding also came with a two-year promise in the form of a permit which allowed Dreamers to more easily access certain benefits–like work authorization and drivers licenses–but did not actually confer any “substantive right immigration status or pathway to citizenship” All told DACA has prevented the deportation of roughly 790000 undocumented immigrants who came to the United States as children This program was never challenged in the courts but ten Republican-controlled states promised to issue such a legal challenge if Trump did not make good on his campaign promise to end DACA Today’s phasing out of the program is Trump delivering on that promise–and the states have already begun to drop their legal threats As mentioned above however Democratic-controlled states and immigrants rights organizations will soon file lawsuits of their own but those lawsuits will likely fail DACA Memorandum Memorandum Official Lionel Nation Store up for Lionels Newsletter and Truth Warrior manifestos to Lionel YouTube Channel – Lionel Website – – — Email – lionellionelmediacom Lionel Bio Nation Google – Lebron Law Firm Website – Nation podcasts on iTunes – Lionel Nation podcasts on audioBoom – Nation podcasts on Stitcher – Facebook Fan Page – Lebron Law Firm Facebook Page – The Lebron Law Firm Twitter –