شارك من خلال
When Bella Swan Kristen Stewart reluctantly moved to the perpetually overcast town of Forks WA and set out to carve a niche for herself she assumed it would be one similar to the low-profile social position she held back in Phoenix First on the list of surprises was the unfamiliar attention from the male population of her new high school second the attention from one male in particular Edward Cullen Vampire Robert Pattinson Before long the unlikely soul mates find themselves in a passionate relationship with a variety of significant setbacks including Edwards special-needs diet he doesnt eat humans but Bellas scent inspires a nearly impossible to harness bloodlust and the human girls mortality Though things proceed relatively smoothly at first Edward even introduces Bella to his adoptive vampire family a visiting vampire clan consisting of James Cam Gigandet Victoria Rachelle Lefevre and Laurent Edi Gathegi catches Bellas unique scent and threatens the young couples budding if dangerous happiness James known for his powerful tracking ability becomes obsessed with making Bella his next victim Fearing for Bellas safety and that of her loved ones the Cullens must combine their collective talents in order to stop the highly predatory James before his goal is accomplished