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Trump Rage Tweeted All Weekend To Distract From Indictments

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Donald Trump went off the deep end this past weekend Tweeting out nonsensical lies about Obama Hillary Clinton Obamacare and the media He was terrified because of the news that broke Friday about indictments coming for members of his campaign and he did everything possible to distract the public from what was happening in the world Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this
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Donald Trump going on insane Twitter rants is nothing that were not used to as a country at this point but on Friday when it was announced that sealed indictments had been delivered in the Bob Mueller special prosecutor probe Donald Trump went off the deep end and decided to start tweeting out absolutely nonsense to his millions of followers here in the United States and he did it all as a distraction method to try to make the public forget about the fact that some of his buddies would be going to prison on Monday or at least not going to prison but being arrested on Monday

Donald Trump stats tweeting out stuff about how Obamacares failing and the Democrats owned this even though he has literally admitted to sabotaging the program and thats why things are starting to get bad with it Prior to that things were actually going quite well with it Hes talking about Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and some kind of crazy uranium deal as if thats anything that anyone cares about or anything that could potentially be skewed as illegal and hes still out there talking about the Fusion GPS Dossier funding again saying that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama I guess should be in jail for funding opposition research which is literally something that every single campaign does As long as they hired a domestic company excuse me which they did theres nothing illegal or even unethical about any of that

But Donald Trump in the last week or so obviously sensing that something was happening within this investigation has started to sound a lot more desperate and to be quite honest a lot more guilty He is constantly talking about Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton That is his distraction Fox News is doing the same thing In the last week all theyve done is talk about Hillary Clinton with the exception of Fox and Friends Monday morning after the indictments came out They were literally talking about Halloween candy for a good 30 minutes instead of actually talking about the real news

Nonetheless Hillary Clinton has become a massive distraction effort by the Republican Party because that is the only enemy that they still have to run against At this point any Democrat whos out there still praising Hillary Clinton still bringing her up and making her news is helping the Trump administration Theyre helping by showing that look Democrats still care about Hillary so we need to keep attacking her See them Theyre going to run her again in 2020 Democrats are causing as much damage to their own brand right now as Republicans are trying to inflict and they dont even understand that theyre feeding into it

Trump is going to use whatever he can to try and distract the American public from the fact that members of his campaign went to jail today Hillary Clinton was not involved in that Hillary Clinton needs to go away and disappear and shes not even the one bringing herself up at this point Its Donald Trump and the establishment Democrats The rest of us are trying to focus on what the hell is happening in this country day to day and now youve put me in the unfortunate position of having to come out and actually defend Hillary Clinton which is actually starting to just piss me off even more Hillary Clinton doesnt matter Hillary Clinton hasnt done anything illegal Shes not running for president again in 2020 Its done Its buried Its over Move on

Members of the Trump administration committed crimes and one of those alleged crimes is conspiracy against the Unite States Thats what we should be talking about Dont fall for Donald Trumps distractions Dont fall for the establishment Democrats insistence that Hillary Clinton is a queen We have to focus on whats actually real In order to do that we have to shut out the establishment and we have to shut out Trump wade through the river of bullshit to find out whats actually real