Top PTC Sites 2016 Top paying ptc Sites that pay high

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TOP SITES BELOW PAYING REAL FREE PTC SITES THAT WORK - ALSO READ BELOW TIPS LIST OF PTC SITES CHECK SITE JUST UNDER GREAT SITE WITH LIST AND TIPS ON REFS PTC SITES WOW sign up to below get free 1 and 1000 advertise points add your ref links and banners free above top ptc sites website This link above is better then the others so please make sure this is the first PTC you do HIGH EARNINGS BONUS NEW 2017 ADFLY LINK SHORTEN SITE King of ALL PTC NEW PAYS MORE THEN PTC SITES i earn Bitcoins with link above is real so far i make extra 100 a are Best PTC online and great sites they are BONUS Watch new video better then Adfly this new site pays members to short link been live a month and already have 15000 members LIST OF LEGIT TOP PAYING SITES AND HOW TO GET DIRECT REFERRALS SUPER FAST ON SAME PAGE FURTHER DOWN PAGE NEW visit the site below to see the list in order of the top paying ptc sites of Great Site I own easy cash on this link above please check it out minimum cash out of 1 I always use this site earn cash from it and what ever I make from this site I use to get my referrals TOP TIPS AND ABOUT PTC SITES ------------------------------------------------------ First off PTC Stands for Paid to click many will be saying Well I know that But some dont not the beginners Any Way the point of these sites is many reasons the most 2 reasons is 1 for advertisers and advertise there sites 2 This where we come in Money Making members Where we can earn cash clicking on few second ads and how we earn cash is sign up to the top ptc sites above this description hand picked the top ptc sites top high paying paid to click sites Many cash out I know I have and made a lot of cash from these sites But why do these sites pay people to click on ads Advertisers from all over the world come to these sites and pays this site so much for so many clicks to there site they are advertising and they want visitors to there links or sites or affiliates so now we get paid a small percentage for clicking on each ad we dont after do owt else just sign up to the links above for a great earner recommend joining all above it only takes about 5 to 10 minutes on each site to get through the ads Sign up free 100 always and login go to view ads and when you click on an ad a timer will show up wait till timer fills up some sites will tell you to match a image or image upside down this is only to verify your clicks as these sites dont allow bots or cheats on there systems Once you click ad view it for so long timer fills up click image says complete at top or verified then close that page and then click the next Now many members do quit which is upsetting to say they dont know what they missing out on they really dont As it may take some time to reach as far as me like in the video but patience is needed and time and the effort you put in Try click as many ads as you can Daily everyday only 1 per house hold as well as you dont want to get banned now when your balance gets to 1 or more tip here rent refs and do this every week keep renting keep clicking and you will be earning more and more and moreee each week Now you get the refs for about 30 days so keep eye on them by clicking rented referrals and extend if need be and if few are not clicking after 4 days then recycle them for a different referral This is the top method in which I use I am recently cashing out my profits of 1k a month and more on other sites main thing is please stick to it even try your best to get direct referrals and post your own ref link in facebook groups and twitter tweets and google try even make a free website with because this is the best option for a free website as it is a great site where you can make sites and blogs upto 10 free sites This is great way to get referrals Make site and talk about how others can make money with ptc sites With banners and ref links and guides and then hit publish and share on facebook and twitter to drive visitors to your site If anyone needs any help let me know I want you to succeed Hope You Liked Top PTC Sites 2016 Video this really is real Paid To Click Sites Proof on this video that is my balance its very easy site to do only need to click ads view them and thats it that easy a child could do it