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TOEFL listening test 11

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Here is the first part of an actual TOEFL listening test It represents a very good example of what to expect when facing the real test It is only the first part of a series of six In this part you will listen to a conversation between two students on a college campus You are allowed to take notes during the listening passage and theres a good reason why you should be taking notes Unfortunately you are not allowed to look at the questions before listening to the passage The questions will only be displayed after the conversation ends and it will be impossible for you to get a second listen Thats why it is so important to write down as much information as you can while listening so you have something to work with when question time comes

Good Luck

Scroll all the way down for the answers

Question 1 C
Question 2 A
Question 3 B
QUestion 4 D
Question 5 D