Speaking Story 50 minutes Kids cartoon Dialogues Easy conversation Learn English for Kids

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Snow WhiteMore Kids Stories Learn English for Kids Collection of Easy Story ★ Subscribe us on YouTube More Our Compilation on the link below to see each video in this compilation video The each video is accompanied by English subtitles 01_Pinocchio - Whats this 0005 Keller - Whats this - What time is it - What time is it Hungry Caterpillar - What day is it Pan - How old are you and Gretel - How many cakes Goose with the Golden Eggs - How many eggs of Green Gables - How much is it Man with a Lump - Happy birthday - Who is she dutiful daughter - Whos this Adventures in Wonderland - Can you play the violin Friends - Can you swim Tortoise and the Hare - Good morning Wizard of Oz - Nice to meet you Travels - Im sorry Pan - Do you have paper Brothers - Do you like cheese and Gretel - Do you like doughnut Mouse and City Mouse - Do you want some more White - Do you want some more - Lets play soccer Travels - Lets play soccer Grasshopper and the Ant - Lets go fishing Lazy Boy Who Became a Cow - What are you doing Red Shoes - What are you doing Little Green Frog - What did you do Little Mermaid - What did you do yesterday Red Shoes - What are you doing Green Frog - Where is it and the Beanstalk - Wheres my box litte girl and Friends Where is the museum 2655 34_Mothers Love- Hows the weather White - Its snowing Emperors New Clothes - Put on your coat Women - Put on your coat King has donkey ears - Open your eyes brothers - Open the door Little Princess - Happy birthday - Happy birthday for checking out the English Singsing © Amanta Inc