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Speaking Cartoon 45 minutes Kids Dialogues Easy conversation Learn English for Kids

شارك من خلال

Cartoon 45 minutes Kids Dialogues Easy conversation Learn English for Kids Collection of Easy Dialogue

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01_Whats this - Whats that color is it - Its red green and white - Its raining time is it - Time for breakfast for lunch - What time is it day is it today Its Wednesday old are you - Im five years old many bears - Three bears much is it - I want it is he - Who is she bike is this - What a nice bike I Speak to Sally Speaking I speak to Kate Ill call back later I take your order - Id like a pizza and spaghetti I take your order Anything else For here or to go yourself May I have some more morning - How are you to meet you - Im great wrong - I have a toothache out - Are you okay was your summer vacation - It was great you have crayon - Youre welcome you like cheese - Do you like ham like soccer - Lets go go camping - Let’s go fishing are you doing - Im making cookies are you doing - Im jumping he doing - Hes dancing did you do - We went to the park your favorite subject - My favorite subject is PE does she look like - She has short curly hair is my cap - Where is it is my pencil - Its on the chair is it - Go straight is the post office - Go straight is the restroom - Go straight and turn left snowing - Do you like snow on your coat - Its cold and windy on your pants - Is this yours your hands - Lets eat pizza birthday - This is for you a wonderful - What a nice day a big tree - Don’t touch that for checking out the English Singsing
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