Oxford English Daily Conversation [Episode 2]

شارك من خلال
Oxford English Daily Conversation [Episode 2] Subscribe to the ENGLISH IS FUN channel ► out some of the Best ENGLISH IS FUN Episodes ► ENGLISH IS FUN Facebook ► Twitter ► ► ► you Ms Fossett Goodbye - Hello I’m - Julia Welcome to Apex TV Come in No don’t come in This is my personal assistant Rebecca Bond - How do you do Rebecca - Pleased to meet you Come and meet some of the people in the newsroom Is Frederick in He’s the Managing Director No He’s in London Oh I see Right Well Come on then Julia That’s Tim Barnes over there He’s a reporter Tim this is Julia She’s our new trainee - Hi - Hi This is a very interesting story Martha Look at this - Tell me about it this afternoon OK - Sure See you around Julie Julia Sorry My name isn’t Julie It’s Julia Oh right And address has got two D’s What Address is A double D Right Thank you Don’t mention it Who’s that young woman with Martha and Sean Her name’s Julia She’s a new trainee Mmm She’s very pretty Well that’s everyone I think Tea or coffee - Coffee please - Black or white Oh white with no sugar please ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------