Moddi Army Dreamers music video

شارك من خلال
Kate Bushs Army Dreamers was blacklisted on the BBC Here is Norwegian singersongwriter Moddis reinterpretation of the 1980 classic ABOUT THE SONG SOME CALLED IT THE “VIDEO GAME WAR” The Gulf War of 1991 saw 34 nations join forces to liberate Kuwait from Saddam Hussein Western viewers could follow the warfare live on TV with daily videos brought to their living rooms from cameras aboard US bombers At the same time criticism against the war was muffled 67 songs that were removed from the BBC because they were considered “inappropriate for airplay” during the combats in the Gulf One of these songs was Kate Bush’s Army Dreamers a story about a grieving mother who laments the loss of her fallen son “What should he do Could have been a rock star but he didn’t have the money for a guitar Could have been a politician but he never had a proper education Could have been a father but he never even made it to his twenties” The individual human suffering of Western warfare is often downplayed Rather we are fed with a public narrative about the necessity and urgency of our military involvement Songs like Army Dreamers that highlight the consequences of war are seldom played on the radio or given public attention More than a hundred thousand people lost their lives as a consequence of the Gulf War Army Dreamers was blacklisted for talking about one PRODUCTION TEAM Director Maren Skolem Producer Marte Hansen Cinematographer Annicken Aasheim Production manager Pål Moddi Knutsen Production designer Catrine Gormsen Editor Matilde Fridlund 1st AD Marte Hansen 2nd AD Line Herud Focus puller Magga Vala 1nd AC Sondre Hemstad Gaffer Anton Østerlund Best boy Alexander Ophaug SFX Make-up Ingvild Håheim Colorist Lasse Sevli Uhørt - - - ACTORS Dad Roy-Allan Larsen Children Vetle Bråthen Heidi Kaafjeld Berge Grundstad Linn Sollien Vestad Teenagers Mats Røysom Henriette Rinde Marius Jonassen Hege Etnestad Soldiers Sigve Bakken Torstein Reistad Mikkel Horsberg Beate Haugsdal - - - TUSEN TAKK Krypton Christian Berrum Location-service Filmbin Fiksern Kapp Kirke Vestoppland Bussveteran Julie Tollefsrud Foss Ramirent Remi Antonsen Pål Røed Anders Fristad Rudolph Produced with support from Mediefabrikken vRemi Antonsen and Viken Ung vAnders Fristad Rudolph Army Dreamers is taken from the album Unsongs released by Propeller Recordings in 2016 Producer Hasse Rocbach Musicians Pål Moddi Knutsen Hasse Rosbach Peder Kjellsby Katrine Schiøtt Trondheimsolistene Mixed by Mike Hartung at Propeller Music Division Mastered by Morgan Nicolaysen at Propeller Mastering Disclaimer In Moddis original interpretation of Army Dreamers the line Ive a bunch of purple flowers to decorate a mommys hero had been replaced with daddys to reflect the position of the singer but had to be changed back again in this version due to copyright issues Videoen er støttet av Fond for lyd og bilde