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Learn English with a poem

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Ready for a fun English lesson Today Ill teach you English with a funny poem called The Owl and the Pussycat Ive chosen an easy poem and will read it with you one line at a time so you can understand everything Youll learn vocabulary and gain knowledge about British culture with this classic poem written by Edward Lear in 1871 Reading poetry and immersing yourself in English culture is a great way to learn the language So is taking the quiz at and subscribing to my YouTube channel


Hello Im Gill at wwwengvidcom and today were going to do something a little bit different Were going to look at an English poem And I know youre probably thinking Poetry thats too difficult English prose is hard enough but poetry ah no But Im hoping to make you realize that it is possible to read an English poem and to understand it

Ive chosen quite an easy straightforward one Its called The Owl and the Pussy-cat which is in the first line here And it was written by a poet called Edward Lear Edward Lear in 1871 Okay And Edward Lear was well-known for his humorous writing so a lot of his writing is funny it makes you smile it makes you laugh So hopefully this poem will do that for you And so it tells a story Its in three sections This is the first of three sections and Im just going to go through it with you and I will explain any words that I think maybe need explaining and I hope you enjoy it Okay So Ill read it

The Owl and the Pussy-cat went to sea Okay Now the Owl do you know what an owl is You probably know what a bird is A bird that flies Well an owl is the kind of bird that is awake at night It has big round eyes If you look it up on Google images youll see lots of pictures of owls Okay So we have a bird here an owl And a pussy-cat Im sure you know what a cat is We use the word pussy-cat its a sort of a comic name or a An affectionate name for a cat People say Oh puss puss puss Here pussy pussy pussy So its a name for a cat And children also say Oh pussy-cat pussy-cat So pussy is a cat but here its being called Pussy-cat with a hyphen

So The Owl and the Pussy-cat so we have a bird and a cat Okay Which usually birds and cats dont usually make friends Usually the cat is going to attack the bird and kill it probably But in this poem because its Edward Lear and because hes being funny hes put a bird and a cat together and theyre not just friends but theyre going on a journey together Theyre on a trip together so well see what happens shall we

So The Owl and the Pussy-cat went to sea on the sea So even more dangerous Went to sea In a beautiful pea green boat So theyre in a boat You know the word boat on the sea Boat Its pea green Its not just a green boat its the colour of a green pea the vegetable that you eat Little green peas So its pea green We have all sorts of shades of green Olive green sage green light green dark green pea green So the boat is the colour of a green pea No particular reason It just It just sort of fits for the rhythm because rhythm is important In a beautiful pea green boat something had to go in there

Okay so what did they take with them They took some honey You know honey The sweet stuff that the bees go to flowers and then they make honey Honey its like jam only its honey in a pot Very sweet you put it on the bread and eat it or you put it in the pudding or something They took some honey and plenty of money well that was sensible Theyre not very sensible I dont think going on to the sea in a boat but at least theyve been sensible enough to take some money with them

Okay plenty of money Wrapped up in a five pound note Okay Well here this is a modern five pound note It has the Queen on it Okay And some of the pictures on the back Five pound note But thats quite small compared with in 1871 a five pound note I think was a lot bigger than this and it was a big white sheet of paper So much easier to wrap other things in You wouldnt be able to wrap much in this little thing You cant buy much with this either these days

Anyway ah They took some honey and plenty of money Wrapped up Wrapped So if you wrap something up you put it inside and you fold the pieces over and thats wrapped up Okay Wrapped up in a five pound note I just hope that the honey and the money didnt get all eww that would be horrible I hope they managed to keep it separate Anyway Wrapped up in a five pound note Right

The Owl looked up to the stars above so its nighttime and the stars are in the sky little stars in the sky Looking up at the sky is very romantic at night The Owl looked up to the stars above And sang a singing owl You see I told you it was funny