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Learn English vocabulary in the BATHROOM

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Is there a difference between a BATHROOM and a WASHROOM Todays English lesson is all about RESTROOM vocabulary It has many names and I bet you visit this place many times every day Lets make sure you can talk about it properly Avoid making embarrassing mistakes by learning some very common words When youre done wash your hands and take the quiz EngVid Dont take a dump without it Teacher Ronnie Ronnie Can I go -- can I go bathroom What Can I go bathroom Okay Can I go to the bathroom Yes Can I go bathroom No Not in here please If you said Can I go bathroom that means that you are going to pee where you are Please go to the bathroom or the washroom to pee

Todays lesson is all about going to the toilet This thing is called a plunger Plunge plunge plunge What do you do with this in the bathroom you wonder This is a plunger What we use this for is in the toilet

So lets imagine that your friend your mother your father your brother your sister or you ate a lot of food last night And then you went to the toilet You took a massive dump What is a massive dump A massive dump is slang Take a massive dump Massive means very big and dump -- let me draw it for you -- means poo Unchi Japanese style So take a massive dump means to have a bowel movement if you will Okay But its so large that maybe it clogs or plugged the toilet So that means I cannot flush the toilet Now basic bathroom etiquette Please when you have finished whatever youre doing in there please always flush the toilet Theres a little mechanism on the toilet Its usually a silver color Its very easy You press it All of the water and all of the extra things in the toilet floating here -- maybe you have some poo -- it goes away so that the next person does not have to see what you ate for dinner I dont want to see that Oh Uncle John had corn last night Unnecessary for me to see So please I beg of you if you are going to use the toilet please flush it okay

There was a rhyme that I knew -- I still know it Its called If its yellow let it mellow If its brown flush it down I would like to change the poem to say Flush the toilet I dont care what color it is I dont want to see it Or youre going to be getting one of these stuck in your face So rule No 1 Flush the toilet okay With a plunger you are going to -- as I said -- unclog the plugged toilet

What happens in a toilet or in a sink is you have a drain okay A drain is a hole at the bottom where all the water goes into It goes to Magic Land Okay So the sink and the toilet both have a drain as does your bathtub and your shower What happens is hair or other debris gets stuck in the drain So the drain gets clogged or plugged It basically means that all of this stuff cant go down the pipe and it backs up So the water doesnt go down Dangerous with a toilet Not as bad with a sink Acceptable with a bathtub and a shower All you need to do is plunge it Make sure its clean

Now what do you do in a sink Usually when you go to the sink you wash your hands Rule No 2 After you go to the toilet you flush the toilet okay Then its really really cool Its the coolest thing ever that you wash your hands Especially for men Guys what are you touching What are you doing I dont want to touch a doorknob that you have touched after youve taken -- sorry After youve gone to the toilet Youve touched your man part You did not wash your hand and then you touched the doorknob Im touching your knob too okay Literally I dont want to touch your knob Please wash your hands after you flush the toilet Good

Another thing that you might find in a bathroom or a washroom is a bathtub andor you may have a shower Now the difference between a bathtub and a shower its very easy When you have or take a bath youre going to do it in the bathtub In the bathtub you get to lie down You get to relax Maybe you have some bubbles Maybe you have a rubber ducky Thats a duck okay Im an artist Thats a duck

A shower its very small and you dont have enough room to lie down so you are going to stand up in the shower okay It doesnt matter if you say the verb take or have So you can say Im going to have a bath Im going to take a bath Or Im going to have a shower Im going to take a shower The other thing that you can say is -- shower is also a verb So you can say Im going to shower Im going to shower You cant say Im going to bath or Im going to bathtub Because bathtub and bath -- these guys are only nouns okay A shower can be a verb and a noun English is so confusing sometimes Even when youre just trying to be clean Ill help you Dont worry