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شارك من خلال
Join us at Intenga for our free English lessons Here is how it works English lessons are divided into three course levels elementary intermediate and advanced All our classes are given one of these difficulty levels in order to help you determine which classes are most appropriate for you Below you will find a basic syllabus for each level that will continue to be built upon as we produce more materials To find out which level is best for you take our Elementary English Course Our elementary English course introduces you to the basic parts of speech the most common verbs the basics of the past present and future tenses ways to say hello and goodbye and make conversation as well as the basic vocabulary you will need to converse with other English speakers Intermediate English Course Our intermediate English course concentrates on the more complex perfect and continuous tenses and introduces more situational vocabulary You will also be presented with common phrasal verbs idiomatic expressions conditionals modal verbs and different verb patterns Advanced English Course Our advanced English course is designed for people who already possess a good level of English but feel the need to broaden their horizons beyond the simple functional use of the language to incorporate more complex grammatical and idiomatic constructions The ultimate aim is to express oneself more naturally accurately and confidently