Learn English Through Stories Subtitles The Secret Garden Level 3

شارك من خلال
Check out my website for more videos with new words forget like comment share and subscribe - thank you Short description Little Mary Lennox is a bad-tempered disagreeable child When her parents die in India she is sent back to England to live with her uncle in a big lonely old house There is nothing to do all day except walk in the gardens - and watch the robin flying over the high walls of the secret garden which has been locked for ten years And no one has the key Contents 012 - CHAPTER 1 Little Miss Mary 1625 - CHAPTER 2 Marry in Yorkshire 3659 - CHAPTER 3 Finding the secret garden 5253 - CHAPTER 4 Meeting Dickon 10537 - CHAPTER 5 Meeting Colin 11624 - CHAPTER 6 Colin is afraid 13201 - CHAPTER 7 Colin and the garden 14618 - CHAPTER 8 Mr Craven comes home Tag Learn English Through Storiescunyeustudy englishthrough storieslisten englishlearn english through storiesspeaking englishEnglish Language Language In Fictionenglish stories for learning englishlearn english for kidslearn english vocabularystory to learn englishSubtitleThroughThe Secret GardenThe Secret Garden Levels 3