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Best App for Learning English Adroid App for Learning English iOS ► English with our free online listening grammar vocabulary and reading activities Learn English Conversation is a free Channel for English learners You will find free English vocabulary Videos English grammar Videos English exercises and English lessons Thousands of English Videos are waiting for you They will help you learn English How Can I Learn English You may be wondering “How can I learn English” Well learning English really is an easy task Everybody has a method or an idea on how to learn English language There can be so many ideas of how to study or how to memorize that it blows your mind Here are some tips on how to learn the English language The important thing to remember is to find a method that works for you and stick to it The very first place to start is with the alphabet If you don’t have a basic understanding of the alphabet learning the words will be tough Learn how to pronounce each sound that each letter makes Then learn how to combine several letters together and how the sounds work Once you have a solid understanding of the alphabet it is time to move on to vocabulary words Learning vocabulary words and what each word means is the easiest part of learning the English language Start off with just words and five to ten words daily It is important to carry the words with you wherever you go and study them when you have free time After you have learned some words it is time to start in on the grammar of the English language Grammar takes time to learn so do not rush it Start off by learning what types of words there are and what they do For instance it will be important to learn what nouns verbs and adverbs are You will also learn about subjects and other parts of speech that make the English language fun to learn To answer the question of how to learn English one idea is to play a game that is written in English This begins to program your mind to think in English Another thing to do is speak the language whenever you can The best way to speak it is to speak it with someone who knows the language Or find someone who is learning English too and speak it with them Whatever method you use or the path you take to learn English stick with it to the end Subscribe To Update New Lesson