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Learn English 3 easy ways to get better at speaking English

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There are easy ways to learn English and here are 3 methods NOT taught in language schools or textbooks These methods are fun fast and easy to learn You will learn how to make studying English easier and learn how to spend less time studying Take this lesson and learn the secrets to getting better in English right now

The Prosperity Plan Its empty Why Well hi James from EngVid I have a book and it says Prosperity Plan I know youre here to learn English This is a book full of secrets on how to make millions of dollars Empty Thats because when people tell you theres a secret theres not really a secret theres a method behind something and you may not know it so to you its a secret but you know just like that book there are no secrets The only one is hard work Lets look at the three methods I have for you today in order to learn English okay Call them the Secrets you need to know because most people dont know them because the funny thing is although theyre not secret -- I said it again -- theyre not methods that are usually taught in ESL books
The Kaizen Method the Process Method and the Writing Method are actually books I read on something completely different But what I found was they were very very handy for learning English Personally Im trying to learn Spanish and when I apply these different methods I found my learning going faster and faster and I actually enjoyed it So I called them secret for you because Im quite sure that your teachers havent sat down and gone Today were going to learn the Kaizen Method of English Then well do the Process Method and then well do the Writing Method No Because theyre actually three different books all right So Im just going to give you a part of each book and if I come across to the end Ill give you another lesson on it all right But these are three things I liked out of these books
All right Lets start from the first one the Process Method I know -- and its in red and I start here why Most of the times people are learning a language they want to -- and this is what the Process Method is about People start with product product What is a product A product is something you can touch or hold This marker is a product But this isnt how the marker started Im sorry Okay the marker started a little differently I mean thats an alcohol base that Im sniffing When I go [inhales] theres liquid in here This is plastic -- came from oil So why Im telling you all these things -- youre going Why are you telling me Well things start in a certain way but they end up like this In fact you can think of the Process Method versus product as being a tree and being a seed And a seed you know little thing you put it in the ground and it grows into a tree Well when you have a seed the seed has no idea that its going to be a tree and a big tree -- how long it will take But humans are funny They want to start a language and they think right away Im going to learn English And then they sit down they open the book they open the book Im going to learn English Im learning English Im learning English And then they get upset one hour later I dont know any English I dont speak English Well its like being a human You start as a baby you grow to an adult When we talk about the Process Method what you want to do is dont think about you want to speak English Yes I know Thats why youre watching this video and why youre studying Think more about what youre doing while youre studying English And this is called the process Go into the step Concentrate on what youre doing Youll find a couple of things happen Sometimes youll say English is hard or its boring If you do this method youll actually stop finding it hard or boring and youll enjoy it because youll be working on something specific mastering that and then youre going to start noticing that the final product -- English -- is coming to you And it will come faster than you think Why Well if youre thinking I dont understand this English youre focusing really on you dont understand English or you dont know English Youre not focusing on what youre doing If you take a breath [inhales] and go [exhales] Okay Im just watching this video of this crazy guy who speaks very quickly in English and just now he told me to take a breath Oh okay I understand And youre ahead Thats the Process Method Take time to actually go back -- when youre thinking about its hard its difficult or boring -- and say to yourself What am I doing now And then look at that Each time you do that you get further in the process and you will end up with a product before you know it Okay Sounds simple but try it You can even do this on a date Thats another story