Interactive Phonetic chart for English Pronunciation

شارك من خلال
Follow teacher Colin Munro on have produced this interactive phonetic chart to help people studying English as a foreign language to practice pronunciation and to become more familiar with the sounds of English that they may not be accustomed to Book a class now us on Twitter Eng_Lang_Club us on Facebook us on Google video is part of our series on phonetics and pronunciation for learners of English as a foreign language Phonetics is the academic study of speech production You may find it useful if you are studying English as a foreign language who want to improve your pronunciation which for many students is a challenging area With phonetics we look at the individual sounds that are used to make up words We can focus on how each sound is physically formed so you can identify the sounds you are having problems with and focus your study on the individual sounds to improve your pronunciation If you would like to book a class with one of our teacher you can book a class right now through our website