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Importance of Health Importance of Oxygen for Your Body and Your Brain

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The importance of health is central to human happiness and part of leading healthy lifestyle Boruch Akbosh talks about the importance of health and why importance oxygen for your body and your brain
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In this video talks about importance of health

In lots of people chasing money working Trying to start adventures and they think this is how they will achieve success and become happy but ultimately everything they will earn will be used towards the game there

Hello I heard recently that nailed it and they had been emotionally and mentally

You must be done physically Now this has to do with anything bringing to you through a story

True story which happened this guy was training for 45

Every morning for three hours He was swim he was run and did others for five months of doing this

He went to compete and actually want World Championship

What was the sport to sport just now just has to do with them running swimming playing tennis

Actually do the trainers of this player you through a question that also and they would say stop sleeping stop running

Lets focus on just like talking about 1972 world championship between the Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky

Bobby Fischer is the one that are sitting in the story

He was actually preparing for this game He had to figure out a lot of things

Besides memorizing all the moves of boris spassky which is also a genius

He had to memorize about fourteen thousand moons possible moves to actually compete against boris spassky

So in addition to that he had to figure out how to beat it

After he noticed that boris fuck you started to make mistakes

Playing chess for 10 hours and didnt make sense why would be obvious mistakes so when he tried to find out the reason why

Ultimately he found and what was he told that as time progresses chest where is this all day

Trying to compete and and little by little it always starts to affect the brain that week Brain is world and decision-making happening

So he realized he had to condition his body to endorse and tolerance thats how he got the ATO oxygen icing his body and if
you notice swimming running tennis and other objects or focusing on oxygen rising by giving the brain

This is actually what contributed to the Soviet
Union during the Cold War

They were consistently winning for 24 26 years in the role until bobby fischer came and actually broke the cycle and the
championship and obviously they had to do was put in 24 games

During the evening a couple of mistakes adhering to think about how to handle

The game was a decision maker in some way in the morning and then show up are you human

So when they came to sign that the scorecards to make it official didnt show up

He did it go with the phone so Im officially became world champion so then shows you how important it is to be mentally
emotionally and physically

When we should tell life we operate on a totally
different level and you know that we was going to the gym watching the initiation

Keeping their buying healthy self-esteem and self-confidence and much more

Enthusiastic about life coaching class to the group of 20 25 people with sales and questioned how many people going to the gym

In this group maybe two three people raise their hands I couldnt believe it you going out there to meet the customers

You are talking about the high-end purchases and you take care of
your body

Obviously everything is being impacted The specially when you need to meet with them later in the day

When your energy is drained you will power drain not gonna happen

So foundation must be in place and keeping a healthy and cheap one of the foundational place as always

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