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How to learn English if you are shy

شارك من خلال

Are you shy Do you feel uncomfortable or embarrassed when speaking English Are you envious when your classmates coworkers or friends seem so comfortable speaking English to each other or in front of groups In this video I will give you advice to overcome your shyness If you are shy dont be discouraged because you can learn English just as well as talkative social people but you need to use different strategies Today I will share my tips and tricks with you to help you break out of your shell

Did you understand the video Take the quiz to find out Hi there My name is Emma and in todays video I am going to help you become a better speaker especially if you are shy Okay So a lot of people when they learn new languages theyre very embarrassed and theyre too shy to speak This video will help you with good tips and strategies on how to become more confident in your speaking So lets get started

Okay so the first thing I like to tell shy people so people who are afraid to speak is You need to find your strengths You need to ask yourself What am I good at Because a lot of the times shy people they think Oh my goodness Im not good at speaking Im terrible at English Ill never learn this language and they feel really sad But thats not usually true Usually shy people are good at many different things they just dont realize it So remember English is not only speaking Speaking is part of it but there are other skills too Maybe youre a great listener Okay Maybe youre good at grammar Maybe youre not good at all grammar but youre amazing at the present perfect or the simple past You know maybe youre good at reading or writing So its good to recognize what youre good at so you dont feel so sad when youre learning English because you might be good at a lot of different things So you can always write down on a piece of paper I am able to you know listen very well or I am able to do well on my grammar test Okay So think about What are your strengths

My next tip is probably one of the most important tips When youre trying to learn a language especially when youre shy its good to make goals and to write them down Okay So what do I mean by goals Well for example I have three goals here and Im going to talk about each of them Somebodys goal might be I will be a better speaker Or they might say I will say two things in class today Or I will ask two people How is your day going So these are all goals but these goals are not all great goals What do I mean by that Well this first goal I will be a better speaker you will not know if youve become a better speaker or not This goal its too big so I would not use this goal Okay

When you make a goal its good to make something where you have a number in it and you can tell very easily Did you do it or didnt you do it So for example I will say two things in class today this is a great goal because you know Okay I said two things in class I met my goal for the day This will really help you with speaking especially if youre shy Maybe youre too shy even to say two things in class so maybe you can say one thing in class or maybe for the first class you can just listen and try for the next class to say one thing Okay Another example of a great goal is I will ask two and again this can be any number I will ask two people How is your day going today So just by making goals it can really encourage you to speak and practice your English and you will improve this way because it is important to speak as much as you can This way you know its not too difficult its something you can do The other key point here is Write down your goals I think its great to have a journal or a diary where you write down your daily goal and then at the end of the week you can check it off and see Did I meet this goal Hopefully you did and that way you can actually monitor your English progress So now lets look at some more tips

Okay so my next tip is very important too Dont compare yourself to extroverts So what is an extrovert Its the opposite of a shy person So an extrovert is somebody who everybody pays attention to because they love to talk theyre great in social situations theyre usually with friends or out with people So an extrovert is somebody whos not really shy So what a lot of shy people do is they compare themselves They see the extrovert and they think Wow I wish I was just like that person That persons speaking is so good Why cant I speak like that Its very common to compare yourself but its not a good idea because number one its possible that person is making a lot of mistakes