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How to improve your English with MUSIC and MOVIES

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You learn the most English if youre having fun doing it So today Im going to teach you how to improve your English by watching movies and by listening to music Many of you already listen to English music and watch shows and movies that are in English Im going to teach you some activities that will make you active with the language you hear Youll also learn fun games you can play by yourself or with a friend that will help you learn vocabulary expressions and pronunciation By learning English from movies and music youll also sound more like a native be or not to be - that is the Hi James from engVid Just practicing my Shakespeare Well not really I just wanted to show you acting Acting being an actor can be a good way to learn English And today I want to show you two fun ways to practice English doing things you already love to do Okay So lets go to the board

Mr E is saying I sound like Madonna Thats not here yet but thatll be the second one but today or right now this part of the lesson is about movies acting What we want you to do or what I want you to do is go find a movie you love in English Im sure theres If youre watching me Im sure youve watched some English television program or movie I mean Im speaking a lot of English so I know youre used to it What I What I want you to do is pretend you are an actor in a movie and were going to take a few steps to get there

So the first thing is Pick a movie that you love watching because some of you watch it again and again Star Wars yeah yeah Or Harry Potter if thats still out there or Bond James Bond Right Any of those movies Okay so you pick your movie The second thing I want you to do is go through the movie and watch the scenes you love the best when the actor says something like Punk do you feel lucky punk Well do ya And then pick a couple of those scenes All right

The third thing I want you to do is go to this part and its i-m Its wwwimsdbcom Its where you get scripts Now right now youre probably going Whats a script Well in music the words in the music are called lyrics Okay So when youre looking at the words in a song theyre called the lyrics But when youre looking at the words in a movie its from a script And one actor has his part in a script another actor has her part in a script And these are the lines they say This particular website has amazing amount An amazing amount of movies with scripts so you can go and find any of the latest ones like of Jason Bourne or Im trying to think of something that came out I dont know when youre going to see this so just say Harry Potter maybe Ironman Okay Go check it out youll see the scripts you can go and look at it

The reason why I asked you up here is to pick out scenes is you can go to the scene on the script where it may say Car chase scene Gun scene Kissing scene and you can look at it and all of the words the actors say are there Because I know sometimes you dont know what the actor is actually saying Sometimes we have whats called relaxed speech In relaxed speech they might say What do you want and it comes out Whatda ya want And youre like What Its English Now we have a video on relaxed speech you can go and check it out and it will explain Whatda ya want and other ones Okay

So the lines that will be there you might notice a big difference between what the actor says and what is actually written for what you should explain or you should understand Okay This is good its going to help you with your ears as well Theres a thing you can pick up from listening Okay So we want to look at the scripts and then listen

Now watch the movie at your favourite part So now youve got the script in your hand youre going to watch that part Read Heres the funny thing a lot of times people read when theyre watching a movie like they read the subtitles-you know the little words-and they think My listening is good because I understand No youre reading but it does help because it helps you put a picture a word picture to the words youre hearing And were much better with pictures Think of it this way Have you ever walked up to someone and said I remember your name but I dont remember your face No you dont do that We always remember faces and we forget names Those kind of words and sounds are hard to remember but the picture we always keep