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How to Get English Speaking Practice Online And What to Avoid Doing

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Do you need to get more English speaking practice Online is a great way to do this But it can be difficult to find English speakers to practice with Many English learners ask the wrong way They are direct with people and just ask others to practice without building a relationship first Instead you should build relationships up slowly and find English speakers to practice with Having an interesting profile and messaging people to ask questions should be done before sending out a Skype request Doing this means that you will speak with people on a regular basis about topics that interest you Additionally think about the ways that you can help English speakers in areas that you have expertise This is a mutual beneficial relationship -------- TRANSCRIPT Hello this is Jack from tofluencycom and in this video Im going to talk about a mistake I see English learners make when looking for speaking practice online and what you can do instead to get the practice you need so keep watching So as an online English teacher with a popular website for English learners I received emails every day and very often I receive emails like this The problem with posting messages like this is youre not going to get a response youre not going to find people to practice with you This is because people dont know you yet and they havent built a relationship with you and online teachers arent going to just meet you on Skype for 20 minutes just to talk But theres something that you can do to get the practice you need and this is going to take a change of approach If youre sending messages like the one I showed before Its all about a different approach and this is to build relationships slowly get to know people be interesting and then ask people to Skype So pen pal world is a site that English learners use to try and find people to practice their English with Now instead of writing those messages we talked about before this is what you can do instead Firstly write a profile about yourself that is interesting to read something that just doesnt say Hi Im David I want to practice my English Instead write something more interesting about yourself then you can search people who have similar interests to you send them a message introducing yourself and then also ask them a couple questions to get to know each other a little bit more After doing that you can build your relationship up slowly get to know this person and then when the time is right ask them if they want to Skype with you Now you can use this approach not just on pen pal world but you can use on Facebook and Google any kind of learning forum or social media website that you use The best thing about it is not just that youre going to get speaking practice but youre also going to build up relationships with people who have the same interests as you Now here is one last tip think about ways that you can help English speakers with what youre an expert in For example I once needed help on my website and someone in my English learning community helped me with this they got english-speaking practice and I got something out of the relationship too because this person helped me with my website So think about ways that you can help other people and be useful for other people too So what I want you to do now is this underneath this video I want you to write an introduction to yourself two to four sentences talking about who you are what youre interested in and who you would like to meet and then click here to learn more about this method and to get your free download So thanks for watching and Ill see you next time ------- Please share this video if you found it useful Thanks In the video I mentioned is the article on this topic is a method that you can follow from anywhere in the world on YouTube