High School Grammar Part 01 Learn English Grammar English Learning

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Pebbles presents “English Grammar” an on-screen Tutor to teach the Basics of English Grammar at home Knowing the Grammar of any language is very essential for the effective usage of that language In this video the English Grammar is taught in a simple way with sufficient examples for the young students to learn easily LEARN GRAMMAR PRONOUNS AND KINDS OF PRONOUNS TENSE CONTINUOUS TENSE LEARNING CONDITIONAL PHRASE AND CLAUSE DETERMINERS IMPERATIVE EXAMPLES Pronouns Subject Object pronouns Possessive Reflexive pronouns Reciprocal Indefinite pronouns Simple present tense Simple past tense Simple past tense regular Irregular verbs Simple past form Simple present form Talking about future different ways Present continuous tense Present Past continuous form Adverbs and adverbials of frequency Adverbs and adverbials of duration Adverbs and adverbials of degree Modals for indicating ability Can or may modals for indicating permission May or may not Modals expressing intention and unwillingness Modals giving orders Habits in past using modals Used To Habits in past using Can or can not Zero First Second Third conditional Clauses of purpose Contrast Clauses of cause and effect Reflective clauses Phrases or sentences Demonstrative Quantifying determiners Verb agreement with quantifying determiners Imperative form Past regrets I wish Past regrets If only Will or wont Learning Grammar Made Easy with Esamples Visit Pebbles Official Website - to our Channel – with us on Facebook at Like Share Comment and Subscribe