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Hellboy Rise of The Blood Queen Rated R today Beyond The Trailers reaction review Hellboy 3 David Harbour Neil Marshall 3 today Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolphs reaction review of news that the new Hellboy movie will not only be Rated R but actor David Harbour replaces Ron Perlman while Neil Marshall replaces original director Guillermo Del Toro Share your own reaction to this Hellboy 3 update from Millennium Films before you see the full movie And be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on YouTube today BTT T-Shirts Backpacks Cell Phone Covers TIMES Bye Del Toro Perlman - 0000 David Harbour - 213 Neil Marshall - 340 Blood Queen - 455 King Arthur Mythology - 614 Millennium Films - 729 Screenwriters - 801 Conclusion - 818 Interact with host creator Grace Randolph Facebook