Green Cards VS DACA or DAPA

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Heres another immigration quick tip brought to you by Landerholm Immigration DACADAPA Deferred Action for Childhood ArrivalsDeferred Action for Parental Accountability What is deferred action Deferred action is not a visa its not a Green Card its not legal status All it is is essentially the US Government saying that they know you are here illegally They know you are deportable But even though they know that theyre going to defer to act against you Theyre not going to deport you In other words it is temporary relief from deportation for periods at least in the examples of DACA and DAPA for periods of three years This is not as good as a Green Card Its not as good as a Green Card because Green Cards are lawful permanent residence of the United States If you have a Green Card it means that you have basically everything set for the rest of your life as long as you don’t commit serious crimes or commit serious other types of immigration fraud With deferred action on the other hand a new president could take it away politics change anybody anything could happen that could enable the government to really rescind it and to take it away from you Nevertheless deferred action is much better than being in the shadows and it is much better than being completely undocumented If youre eligible for deferred action apply and get it while you can but if youre eligible for a Green Card get that instead more information contact Landerholm Immigration your Bay Area Immigration Lawyer Landerholm Immigration we fight for your American dream