Establishment SHOCKED Nobodys Resigning From Trump Administration

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Pretending Republicans in office have any real principles is a mainstay of corporate media Watch the latest episode of Aggressive Progressives here host Nicole Wallace is wondering who will be next to resign in protest after Donald Trump’s circus-like press conference at Trump Tower “Who resigns Who resigns over this” Wallace repeatedly asked on “Deadline White House” Tuesday “Who resigns Which one of you can’t live with yourselves for working for a guy that elicits praise from David Duke” Wallace demanded “Which one Who Tell me Who resigns” Wallace served as White House communication director during the George W Bush administration Also during the show Wallace said President Trump is “a disgrace to the Republican Party” Read more here Jimmy Dore on Twitter Steve Oh on Twitter Malcolm Fleschner on Twitter Dore Stef Zamorano Steve Oh and Malcolm Fleschner talk Trump’s Charlottesville comments the Netroots convention the media and more