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English Vocabulary Words With Meaning the Oxford 3000 Words Starting With A Free English Lesson

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★ Free English Lesson - English Vocabulary Words With Meaning the Oxford 3000 Words Starting With A
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Words Starting With A - Z Full Length ► is the Oxford 3000

The Oxford 3000 is a collection of words that you should learn to improve your vocabulary These words have been precisely selected by many language experts They are also the most essential and practical words you need to learn when you study vocabulary in English

★Why you need to learn the Oxford 3000

Because the Oxford 3000 are contained words that are not only used frequently in English but also in a variety of different contexts and very familiar to most users of English

★What is it the important to learn vocabulary words

If you only master a little words in your English vocabulary you cannot understand others express or ideas and lacking of vocabulary also has a bad effect on your reading and writing skills These are the most important problem when you are an English leaner Because the main goal when you learn English that you can communicate globally On the other hand learning vocabulary is a crucial thing by these reasons

Vocabulary is the key to communication
When you learn English the ultimate goal is to be able to communicate all over the world But if you don’t have to much words you can not express your own ideas or understand others

The more words you know the more you will learn
When you read books or magazines you will use context to understanding the other words that you don’t know their meaning But you must have a significant vocabulary to be able to learn new words from the context in which they appear However you can overcome this problem when you have significant words by improving your vocabulary

★How to Improve and Expand Your Vocabulary

Read read and read
The more you read the more words you will learn When reading you can uncover new words and understand their meaning from the context of the paragraph as well as from looking up the meaning in a dictionary

Learn a word a day
This is a positive technique that many English learners use to learn vocabulary but you can learn more than one word a day It is possible that you should learn five or ten words a day as well as you are able to do it and you can use some methods like software English lessons or English videos to practice your vocabulary

Play games
This technique helps you discover new meanings and new words in a fun way If you want you can try some kinds of games that are available freely on the web include crossword puzzles anagrams word jumble scrabble and boggle

So master a vast of vocabulary is not an overnight process It’s not easy but it’s not impossible You will success not only you have a hard working but also follow right strategy Good luck with your English learning

■This video uses material from WordNet dictionary and is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License