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Easy English Lesson turn on turn off turn up turn down

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In this English lesson for beginners I will teach you the correct expressions to use to talk about your gadgets We often use turn phrasal verbs to talk about using gadgets or electronics By the end of the lesson you will know how to use the prepositions ON OFF UP and DOWN with the verb TURN This is an easy lesson but many students make mistakes using these words Dont be one of them Watch my video then take the quiz at Hello Hi James from engVid You might have noticed that my voice changed I went from soft to loud Now many students I find have a problem when it comes to electronics They dont know whether they should use or if they should use up down on or off Today is a basic lesson on those things So lets go to the board and take a look

Now when we talk about electronics which could be something as simple as your cellphone-okay-what happens is people want to use them which is fine if youre doing it for yourself but when youre talking to other people and you want them to do something for you You notice that this cellphone is would you say down or off All right Thats the lesson were going to do today What do you say when you want to change the condition of this cellphone Well start right now

E so are we going to turn up the volume or turn on the volume Well I notice dunh-dunh-dunh-dunh-dunh-dunh-dunh-dunh-dunh the music is already on This is low volume and this is high volume but how do we change them Lets start with some basic definitions

First turn that was a turn Its to move around a centre Heres a centre I turn around a centre or to reverse a position Interesting Both of these definitions we need to understand if we say turn up or turn on The first one to turn around a centre we have to go back in time a little bit Youre from the Modern Age so when you press your toys you just press But when I was a little boy a long time ago when the Indians rode on the plains Im not that old but I feel that way What happened was we used to have televisions and radios and we would turn we would turn them if we wanted more volume

So if you look over here where I said turn means to reverse a position you have 360 So I feel like were doing an old science lesson And boys and girls we will now demonstrate the turning mechanism Here we go We will turn up the power and turn down the power Which means reverse So were going to look here and you notice I have to turn Okay This is a very old machine Some of you wont recognize this Its a film projector Yeah we dont use these now Anyway But the point was The technology you had to actually do something with it and thats where we get the ideas for up down on and off Were switching Were either reversing the position or moving around a centre

Now when you have a lot of movement or 360 which is basically a circle All right When you have a circle this is why we talk about turning up and down because as you turn it you can increase the power or decrease the power or make the sound higher or make the sound lower In fact in the old days they used to do this for television radios and lights You would turn up and you would increase it so it would get more So heres the 360 or you would go more more more more more Or you would turn it down and decrease it and you would get less less less less So the room could be darker if youre talking about light If sounds all of a sudden the voice would get lower lower and disappear Okay

So thats why when we talk about volume on televisions or radios we say Hey could you turn up the volume And if you think about this machine okay Turn up the volume turn down the volume