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EXTREME VETTING Not Just For Muslims Anymore

The Department of Homeland Security just outlined the Trump Administration’s standards for extreme vetting Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian the hosts of The Young Turks tells you how this will kill tourism in the US Tell us what you think in the commen

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The Department of Homeland Security just outlined the Trump Administration’s standards for extreme vetting Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian the hosts of The Young Turks tells you how this will kill tourism in the US Tell us what you think in the comment section below who want to visit the US even for a short trip could be forced to disclose contacts on their mobile phones social-media passwords and financial records and to answer probing questions about their ideology according to Trump administration officials conducting a review of vetting procedures”

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Im gonna laugh when Muslim Zombies rip these twats apart

so sad if they think this actually works. how old are their mentality and IQ.

I have relatives in the US. I am a normal law abiding UK citizen who has nothing to hide. I will not be returning to the US as long as Trump is in power or this extreme vetting is enforced. In short I will treat the US as I do Erdogan's Turkey.

Andrada Dinescu
What happens if you don't remember your passwords to your FB account or something, they just say oh you can't come in? Even if you are a US Citizen? That's crazy!

Cassandra Calder
What if I can't because I signed a thing that says I will not tell anyone my password yep no not going to America

Rick Kotecha

Fred GFY Smith
i live 5 min from USA boarder, i haven't been over since 1994, i will keep my vacation money in Canada where it belongs. Besides we have better pot.

Cheap 'n Chic
Cenk 😂😂😂

Tom Anderson
Every country has reciprocal immigration arrangements. Hello, Americans. Now we know your passwords.

James Braithwaite
Another thing. It seems (now I've seen the whole clip) like the USA's going to be a lot like North Korea soon IE closed off and isolated, staring with disdain at the outside world.

James Braithwaite
They hate atheists just as much as Muslims. I doubt I'd be allowed in. I'm surprised my country (England) hasn't taken in any American refugees - a bit like Canada has.

Patrick Walsh
who would want to be in the us anyway? anyone that has any sense wants to leave or not go there.
a glorified third world country..
a totally corrupt controled police country.

They are nuts.

Around five and a half minutes into this video Cenk displays something that is majorly lacking at the White House right now: CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS. Thank goodness for TYT and other news outlets that are staffed with educated, well-informed people.

Williams me
this is really Crazy I travel back and fourth from Afghanistan Dubai to America and I will not hand over my passwords nor will my wife who is from the Philippines.

Gonzo Shitcock
america is losing its mind. what a bunch of babies. sad!

Nathan 'Dethron'
The US is garbage

America was on my must visit list 5 years ago.. well not anymore.. everything about America amused me nowadays.. whenever I imagine an American citizen, an image of Donald Trump came to mind XD
Now Canada is in my must visit list.. Cannot wait to visit that beautiful country..

Henry Coker
... I'm a tad bit curious on that one why does Israel matter why does he think it will matter or change people's minds I mean. the only thing I can think of is Holocaust jazz and I believe we are allied with them but we are allied with other nations as well that come here. it's a little too late for Americans when I think about it because a lot of media and whatnot already asked for your information kind of feel like the government's going overboard with trying to get everybody's information reading your emails that was something that one of my apps ask me controlling my accounts information from my Facebook and to be honest I can tell I probably agree to something never paying attention to those little terms that pop up it's South Park all over again hopefully I didn't sign up to be a part of the new Apple model

These officials should really play Poker, in a few weeks they have no money and don't have a future. 1984.

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