Drop ‘VERY’ from your Vocabulary Learn Intensifiers – Advanced English lesson to speak fluently

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Drop ‘VERY’ from your Vocabulary Learn interesting intensifiers – Advanced English lesson to speak fluently The word ‘very’ is used a lot to emphasize on something it is an intensifier For example if some food is extremely tasty then in spoken English conversation we tend to express ourselves by saying “the food is very very tasty” However there are better words to use like delicious lip smacking or even yummy In this English speaking lesson you will learn words that will convey the right emotion and we can avoid using a word like very repeatedly just to make something sound more convincing Add these intensifiers in your English vocabulary to speak fluent English just like native English speakers Watch this Advanced English lesson on our website with complete transcript us on Facebook - us on Instagram - let’s have a look at some words we can learn so that we can drop very where it is not required Very beautiful – Gorgeous Stunning Ex I saw a gorgeous model at the mall the other day Very loud – Deafening Ex We heard a deafening sound around 11 last night Very happy – Elated Ex The athlete felt elated when she won her first gold medal Very sad – Depressed Ex My friend has been depressed since his recent break up Very confused – Baffled Ex There were so many phone models at the shop that I got baffled and could not make a choice Very big – Massive Gigantic Ex Claire has a massive house in the countryside Very small – Tiny Teeny Miniscule Ex This box is tiny I can’t fit in all of my stationery items in it