DIY Friendship Bracelets 5 Easy DIY Bracelet Projects

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DIY friendship bracelets In this easy friendship bracelets tutorial I show 5 beautiful easy friendship bracelet designs and projects perfect for beginners I love bracelet making and today youll learn how to make friendship bracelet - a fishtail bracelet rope bracelet striped friendship bracelet spiral bracelet and a threaded chain friendship bracelet All these 5 bracelet projects are DIY bracelet with string in the last one I pair the string or thread with a chain A cool DIY fashion tutorial since you can pair these bracelets with any outfit I finish 4 bracelets with a knot and a cute flower or heart button while I use the clasp for the chain bracelet Let me know if you would like to learn more bracelet DIYs maybe a rainbow loom DIYs without a loom All bracelets are handmade I made them myself and you can make them too at first bracelet is an easy rope friendship bracelet made with a help of a simple bracelet loom Not the rainbow loom but an easy cardboard loom which you can make yourself in a minute But if you want me to make a rainbow loom bracelets without a loom tell me in the comments below Once you have a loom ready the only thing you need for the bracelet is embroidery floss scissors and a button for the closure This friendship bracelet is done in no time and you can reuse the bracelet loom many times For the spiral friendship bracelet you need embroidery thread scissors and a button The entire bracelet is built by simple forward knots which you need to repeat until the bracelet is long enough to fit your wrist So just knot knot and knot This friendship bracelet takes 20 minutes at most to complete and it looks so cool I used four different colors of embroidery string to get a lovely color blocking bracelet I love how simple this bracelet is to make perfect if you are a beginner in bracelet making Next I show how to make a pretty fishtail bracelet using a string Again I used 4 colors of embroidery thread to get a bright and colorful bracelet This bracelet can also be made using a nylon cord or any kind of string of your choice If you are familiar with a fishtail braid then this bracelet will be super easy for you to make It takes so little time to complete one but I am in love this bracelet design For the simple diagonal stripes friendship bracelet you need embroidery floss scissors and a button This bracelet is done only by making easy forward knots all along the bracelet It is a bit more time consuming than other bracelets in this DIY bracelets tutorial but since it looks so beautiful in the end I believe it is worth investing a bit time into it For this easy bracelet you can use more or less pieces of string than me If you use more pieces of thread the friendship bracelet will be wider in the end The last bracelet is a lovely threaded chain bracelet For this bracelet you have to wrap the string around one side of chain I used a corally red string for my entire bracelet but you can also change the string pieces as you move along the bracelet This way you get a cool color blocking chain threaded friendship bracelet Help me translate this DIY you and remember to become my Friend Enter Giveaways at Instagram our Nail Art G Community our DIY G Community used in this 5 easy friendship bracelet DIY are from YouTube Audio Library Everything else is either mine stock footage or in public domain