Business English Course Learn English and PowerPoint Together

شارك من خلال
A Free Business English Course for you to learn PowerPoint and English together Its great for any business person who needs to improve hisher English Go to for another course that I have with Excel By the end of this course youll learn many business vocabulary words and youll improve your English pronunciation Try it out with your own PowerPoint at home Thats the best way to learn English is by doing it When you go to work youll feel like you can speak more confidently You probably need to be at a pre-intermediate level of English and its great for advance English students Also subscribe to more Free English lessons on my Youtube channel you can follow me on the following social networks for your time David Claussen Изучение английского языка aprender Inglés تعلم اللغة الإنجليزية 学习英语 apprendre langlais Englisch lernen अंग्रेजी सीखना elsajátítani az angol nyelvet belajar bahasa Inggris imparare linglese 英語を学ぶ 영어 학습 học tiếng Anh англи хэл сурах İngilizce öğrenin