Band 85 – IELTS Speaking test sample – Part 1 Kenn

شارك من خلال
What speaking ability does a score of IELTS Band 85 represent Watch this Speaking test sample where Kenn from Singapore talks about Famous People Heres why this performance was given a Band 85 This test taker speaks fluently for most of the time and develops topics coherently and appropriately with only slight content-related hesitations as he engages with the topics His vocabulary is precise and sophisticated throughout this part of the test prominent businessmen emulate a growing number of television celebrities to promote charitable causes endorsing a cause negative repercussions conscious of body image susceptible to prevalent He uses a wide range of grammatical structures naturally and accurately with no noticeable error He also uses a full range of pronunciation features to convey precise and subtle meaning such as emphatic stress one example that comes to mind is celebrities and contrastive stress it’s not necessarily for causes it’s also for celebrity behaviours He sustains this flexible use of features of connected speech throughout and is effortless to understand Only this test taker’s occasional hesitations prevent him reaching Band 9