American Idol Is Officially Coming Back To TV

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More Celebrity News ►► than a year after their farewell season full of tearful goodbyes American Idol is set to be back on our television screens brought to you by ABC Oh ABC home to soap operas such as General Hospital One Life To Live and All My Children pulled a soap opera stint of their own and brought American Idol back to life They do promise however that the new Idol will be QUOTE- “bigger bolder and better than ever” But everyone knows Idol isn’t Idol without the wonderful Ryan Seacreast So will he return Well we don’t know Ryan has just been named the official co-host of Live With Kelly now Live with Kelly Ryan… BUT get this Live With Kelly Ryan ALSO happens to be on ABC So honoring both commitments on the same network may very well be possible for the host So was this transition to ABC all part of Ryan Seacrest’s genius plan Quite possibly But nothing is confirmed yet so don’t get too excited But what you CAN get excited about is a potential March 2018 start date Well that is IF you are excited because you guys have been awfully salty on the internet lately Fans if you could call them that are tweeting savage comments like “Whyyyy let it die” “Did anyone ask for this” and my personal favorite Linda Holmes from NPR’s Happy Hour tweeted “Have you ever seen two people fight over another person and been like All this over that” Comeonnnn guys give them a chance after all- the show was our guilty pleasure for 15 seasons That’s right AI started in 2002 and at its peak reached 36 million viewers- who’s to say they can’t do it again Well guys what you think Do you wish AI would die or are you all for the return Let me know in the comments section below and after that click right here to check out the best moments from the mtv movie awards Thanks so much for watching I’m your host Paulina Cerrilla and I’ll see you next time For More Clevver Visit There are 2 types of people those who follow us on Facebook and those who are missing out up with us on Instagram us on Twitter Add us to your circles on Google Me