1 Greeting Introduction English Dialogue Educational video for Kids Role:play conversation

شارك من خلال
Greeting Introduction English Dialogue - Educational video for Kids - Role-play conversation Here is Great Educational Songs Animations for kids toddlers children babies and EVERYONE Please enjoy watching fun exciting English animation ★ Subscribe us on YouTube More Our Dialogue Title Greeting Introduction --- Kevin Oh it’s John What’s up John John Hey great to see you guys Anne We were just talking about you Jessica Where are you from John Oh I’m from Sweden Anne Wow Sweden It’s really far away John Um it’s not that far compare to other countries in Europe Kevin Do people speak English in Sweden John No We use Swedish Jessica But you are really fluent in English John Thanks My dad is a diplomat so I grew up in many different countries Kevin Wow Which country have you been John Umm Mostly all European countries such as Germany and France And Dubai in Middle East Oh and South Korea in Asia Anne South Korea That’s where my family come from John Oh really Korea is an awesome country Anne Right Really nice to meet you John Kevin John are you good at yoyo John Of course I can do tricks with this Kevin Wow Nice Thanks for checking out the English Singsing © Amanta Inc